Whatever the size of your project, Goodmix Concrete can be relied upon to help you get the job done. We’re a trusted partner for a range of construction projects, be they small domestic projects or large-scale commercial building sites.


We supply ready mix and barrow mix concrete for concrete projects from garage bases to commercial building sites, house builders, concrete driveways and many more. All our concrete is delivered on time and poured on site to your precise specification, eliminating waste and the risk of over-ordering. You only pay for the concrete you actually need.


Whether you’re looking for ready mix or barrow mix concrete, Goodmix Concrete can provide you with whatever quantities you need whenever you need them.


Ready mix concrete is the economical choice for a wide variety of projects. It saves you time and labour and puts the job of getting the right concrete for the job in the hands of the experts. You won’t need any outlay on equipment and materials, and nor will you have to worry about finding storage for aggregates.

Ready mix concrete is tailored to your exact needs, meaning it’s perfect for the job. It’s durable, strong and reduces waste, saving you time and money. Our batching plant in Bury can produce all types of concrete up to 300m3 every day, so no order is too big or too small. Once on site, our precise volumetric mixers can prepare up to 10m3 per delivery to ensure you have the exact amount when time is short.

We can also help advise about the exact mix that you might need. Our ready mix concrete service is tried, tested and dependable.


Barrow mix concrete offers a convenient means to deliver tailored, high-qualify concrete to sites across the North West. Serving both domestic and commercial clients, our fleet is connected to a computer controlled volumetric mix ensuring that we make the exact quantity of concrete on site. It arrives containing the ingredients and water required for your job, which are then calibrated digitally to produce the exact quantity and quality you require.

The concrete is freshly made every second, giving it less chance to stiffen and reducing the risk of complications on site. Time is less of a factor, and even if the mixer is delayed in traffic, the concrete will still be fresh for you to use. What’s more, we offer a full barrowing service with every delivery. With our heavy-duty wheelbarrow we’ll move material to your work area, including areas with difficult access.

Let us know your requirements, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to advise you about the right type of concrete for your job.

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    Our efficient way of delivering concrete to your site means that waste is eliminated. This ensures that the carbon footprint of the project is kept to a minimum and there’s no waste products left on site for you to have to deal with.


    The delivery process is simple, clear, reassuring, and flexible, keeping your costs down and allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand.


    All too often concrete suppliers advertise a top-quality product when it’s nothing of the sort. Using recycled aggregates might mean your quote is cheaper, but the resulting concrete could be of a poor quality.


    At Goodmix Concrete, we only ever use high-quality aggregates straight from the quarry. This means that the product you receive is of the highest quality, contains no low-grade or harmful materials and can be depended upon to do the job it’s required to do.

    24/7 SERVICE

    Work can happen at any time in the construction industry. Goodmix Concrete provides reliable concrete supplies for out of hours projects within a 100-mile radius of our base in Greater Manchester. So, whether it’s evenings, weekends, or Sunday concrete deliveries, we can help.


    Our team is on hand to help you out whenever you might need us. We can guide you through the ordering and delivery process, removing any hassle and ensuring you’re never left high and dry.


    The experienced team at Goodmix Concrete are committed to helping our clients complete their projects with the minimal fuss. We place a high emphasis on customer service and our entire team is trained to listen carefully to your requirements before sharing their considered advice based on their extensive experience. The delivery process is simple, clear, reassuring, and flexible, keeping your costs down and allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand.


    A trusted and dependable concrete provider can make all the difference to the success of your project. At Goodmix Concrete that’s precisely what we provide.

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