Goodmix Concrete has made it a primary objective to become the preferred manufacture in the firm’s hometown for customers seeking a high-quality barrow mix solution.
It is determined to supply a premium product to clients close to our Sale base.
From our headquarters on Tile Street, we deliver your order on time and with the materials your job.
Our barrow mix service is ideal for a range of domestic projects, including garage bases, driveways and garden paths.
Commercial buyers also make the most of our first-class offer.
We only use quarry aggregates, and not recycled materials, and combine that promise for quality with an excellent and knowledgeable service from staff with more than a decade’s experience working in the sector.

Benefits from choosing barrow mix concrete

It is cost-effective; you only pay for what you use.
There is no extra charge for not having enough, nor a larger bill for making too much.
We can do more than one mix at a single drop, maximising the efficiency of your order.
With a volumetric mixer, the concrete is made fresh every second and only the newest part is laid so time isn’t a factor.
Even if our lorry is delayed by traffic, it will still bring with it a premium product.
Goodmix offers a full barrowing service with each delivery, bringing with us a heavy-duty wheelbarrow ready to move material to your work area. They can be used to access hard-to-reach spaces.
We need only basic facilities to wash our equipment afterwards.

What can we do?

Each vehicle in our fleet is fitted with a modern volumetric mixer connected to a computer that ensures we make the exact amount of concrete on site.
It arrives containing the ingredients and water required for your job, which are then calibrated digitally to produce what you want.
Because of its accuracy we can deliver smaller quantities, from 0.5m3 upwards.

Where we deliver to

We send our concrete directly to any address in Sale, whether they are commercial, industrial or domestic customers, in offering an around-the-clock service every day of the week.
Tell us what your requirements are, and one of our experts will match them to the right type of concrete for you.

How much will it cost?

We’ll supply a quote for free that meets your specific needs, covering price, location, access and a recommendation of concrete mix.
After that, it’s straightforward to arrange delivery at a time that suits you.
If you are based in Sale, give us a try.
Call a member of our team on 0161 711 1165 or send an email to