Ready Mix Concrete


You can’t underestimate the importance of using high-quality materials when it comes to construction projects.  

What might look like an easy way to cut costs can result in the finished job being inadequate.

This applies in particular when concrete is concerned.

Ready mix concrete is a material of choice for many domestic and commercial products because it can be tailored to specific requirements.

Using innovative techniques that can measure and then mix the correct amount of aggregates, cement and water, your supplier will provide a perfect mix for your job.

There are plenty of persuasive reasons why ready mix concrete is the appropriate choice.

Let’s look at five of them…

Quality control

When you choose ready mix concrete, you are opting for the highest quality product for a project.

Because it is made to order, you get the correct grade and quantity of concrete for the different aspects of your project.

The grade you need for a garage floor, for instance, will be different to what you require for a garden wall.

A reputable supplier will only use high-quality aggregates direct from a quarry and won’t use cheaper recycled materials.

The controlled conditions of a mixing facility means that ready mix concrete is kept free from defective materials that could potentially end up in a product that has been mixed on site.  

Some people are concerned that opting for ready mix concrete forfeits an ability to alter the mix on-site as required.

In reality that isn’t the case.

Batches of ready mix concrete can be made to most precise specification prior to delivery.

Once you’ve requested the grade and quantity you require, it will be carefully prepared and delivered to your site.


Space is often at a premium on both domestic and commercial project sites.

If construction is taking place in a built-up urban environment, it can be tricky to ensure you have adequate room to complete all the tasks required.

Opting for ready mix concrete helps keep the site as clutter-free as possible.

You don’t need to find additional space to store constituent materials, such as aggregate, admixtures and water, separately as you would if you wanted to mix your own concrete on-site.

Ready mix concrete is one way to help manager a project’s cost efficiency

Greater convenience

When you’re managing a build, renovation or construction project, there are hundreds of details you have to consider.

Anything that helps reduce stress and keeps things simple is to be welcomed.

There’s no need to risk extra headaches where concrete is concerned.

Ready mix concrete from a reliable supplier makes the whole process easy and convenient.

You don’t have to worry about mixing the concrete on-site or potential wastage.

The grades and quantities needed for each element of the job are brought to you as and when you need them.

Because you’re ordering from knowledgeable professionals, you get the benefit of their experience too.

That advice and guidance can prove valuable, saving both time and money.

Using ready mix concrete also demands less manpower because you don’t need people making the product for you.

Instead, mixing trucks and concrete pumps will do the work, permitting you and your colleagues to focus on other tasks.  

From the variety of grades that are available, the ease of delivery and a reduction in manpower costs, ready mix concrete is appreciated for its versatility.

Increased concrete lifespan and improved consistency

Poured, cured concrete is of a superior quality to many of the alternatives.

High-quality ready mix concrete should come direct from a quarry and no recycled materials can compromise the finished product.

Ready mix concrete suppliers pour the concrete in a way that ensures a superior finish.

That increased durability and improved look should mean it lasts for much longer.

In turn, that saves money, time and the inconvenience of repairs at a later stage.

One of the problems often encountered when concrete is mixed on-site is an inconsistent product. The main reason for that is an incorrect amount of material used in the mix.

Ready mix concrete is made with the precise project specifications in mind from the start.

The perfect ratio of ingredients adds to the longevity and durability of the finished product.

Having to patch, repair and then maintain poorer quality concrete that doesn’t stand the test of time can be avoided.

Sustainable and efficient

With an increased awareness of environmental issues across the construction sector, the importance of eco-friendly materials has never been greater.

Keeping the environmental footprint of a project as small as possible is a big consideration.

Ready mix concrete is a more sustainable option than some of the alternatives.

The materials are bulk-mixed according to the requirements of a project.

There is also less wastage overall, reducing the amount of materials used.

By choosing an experienced local supplier, you immediately minimise the impact of your project.


The benefits of ready mix concrete are clear

These are just five tangible benefits of opting for ready mix concrete, but there are others that could be included.

In terms of efficiency, quality, cost, life-cycle durability and environmental footprint, ready mix concrete holds its own in a comparison with some of the alternatives.

Goodmix Concrete is a leading supplier of ready mix concrete for both domestic and commercial projects across the north west of England.

Our orders are delivered on time and poured on-site to the customer’s specifications.

Get in touch with us today for professional advice, or to find out more.

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