The solid concrete foundations

When you’re building any new property – big or small – there’s one thing you need to get right from the start. The foundations.

Make a mistake with the foundations – with the wrong dimensions, wrong depth, or wrong concrete, and the building is doomed to fail. 

When you’re building a new housing estate in Farnworth, it’s essential you start off on the right foot. With dozens of homes to build in as fast a time as possible, you need to make sure everything is spot on from the get-go.

And that means you need to make sure you find the very best supplier of ready mix concrete in Bolton.

bolton concrete foundations

Fast, prompt concrete delivery

That’s why the construction company brought in to work on the latest property development in the Bolton area turned to Goodmix.

Working to very tight timescales, they needed ready mix concrete on site as soon as they were ready for the foundations. Any delay would result in a set back to the entire project – nothing could move forward until the concrete was poured.

So they turned to a local supplier who could promise next-day delivery. They called Goodmix on Tuesday, and a full batch of the concrete – mixed to the site manager’s precise specifications – was delivered on Wednesday morning at the time requested.

Laying the groundwork for success

Using our state-of-the-art volumetric mixers, we were able to provide fresh, accurate concrete, pouring the exact amount needed for every foundation. No waste, no missed measurements. 

Every foundation contained precisely the same amount of concrete – made using only the best aggregates.

Ordered the day before, delivered on-time the next day to fit in with a busy construction schedule, and poured quickly, safely and effectively. 

There’s a reason construction firms looking for ready mix concrete in Bolton choose us to help build their new homes.  

If you need concrete, contact us now.

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