The benefits of ready-mix concrete

Concrete is one of the most versatile substances you can find, and it comes in a variety of types to suit a wide range of different purposes. Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages, and some are more suited to certain construction projects than others. It’s concrete that makes much of the modern world possible.

Ready-mix concrete is one of the most popular forms of concrete and is used in numerous settings. Let’s explore ready-mix concrete and its benefits in more detail…

What exactly is ready-mix concrete?

Ready-mix concrete is prepared to a particular recipe in a batching plant. It’s then delivered to the construction site by in-transit mixer trucks. It’s an incredibly accurate way to create the precise mix for the job, in the correct quantities reducing waste and potential problems on site. That’s why using ready-mix concrete is the preferred means to get the correct quantities of high-quality concrete to many large-scale construction sites.

A high-quality product

When it comes to concrete it’s vital that the water to cement ratio is correct, and that the quality of aggregates added are properly graded. Thanks to the technology found in batching plants, these can be easily controlled. The resulting concrete is of a very high quality and can be relied upon to do heavy duty jobs where strength needs to be guaranteed.

Time saving

Ready-mix concrete arrives on site ready to use. It removes the need for concrete to be mixed on site, which can be a lengthy process which requires space and manpower. Instead, the concrete is ready to be poured as and when it’s needed.

Batch mixing concrete on site can also hit unforeseen problems that slow down the completion of your project. These risks are radically reduced with ready-mix concrete. In effect, you’re contracting out the creation of high-quality concrete to be delivered on time exactly to order, which, in turn, has efficiency benefits for your project.

Quality control

When it comes to ready-mix concrete nothing is left to chance. The correct mix is made in a controlled environment, by experienced professionals whose job it is to ensure that the precise mix is made to order. It’s much harder to achieve the same level of precision on site where environmental and logistical factors can hinder the whole process. The end-product is rarely as consistent.

Money saving

When you use a high-quality ready-mix concrete you have a strong, durable, and hard-wearing product that can withstand whatever is thrown at it. It will be able to cope with extreme temperature changes, and, apart from a little routine maintenance, it is likely to remain looking good and doing its job for years to come. Because of its longer life, it won’t need replacing quite so quickly, saving you money.

Because it is batch produced in a factory to your precise requirement, wastage is all but eliminated. This means that you only pay for what you need.

No need for storage

If you’re mixing concrete on site, you will need space to store the component materials. If you’re using large quantities of concrete, then the amount of storage needed will be considerable. These materials can be valuable, so they will need to be secured. Alternatively, you will need regular deliveries of materials as and when you need them. This can add delays to the process and increases the carbon footprint of the project.


Ready-mix concrete can be mixed to meet different requirements on the same site. One day you could have one mix delivered and poured, the following day you could have a different mix for a very different purpose. Ready-mix concrete is as varied and flexible as the construction projects that make use of it.

It can also be combined with a range of patterns and finishes, creating curved shapes and particular designs. Ready-mix concrete makes beautiful concrete finishes possible.

Less manpower

Having your concrete batch prepared in a factory to your precise requirements frees up manpower on site. You don’t have to have workers mixing up batches of concrete. Instead, they can get on with other tasks as the concrete is mixed elsewhere.

Alternatively, it allows you to cut down on the overall labour costs, which can be a key consideration in some construction projects. The concrete will arrive on site, and then be poured as required. The concrete that arrives is much easier to work with on site. This makes the whole process much more efficient and requires less manpower.

Better for the environment

The modern concrete industry is taking great strides to become more eco-friendly. Ready-mix concrete is a more environmentally friendly option than the alternatives. It uses cement in bulk, rather than bagged, radically reducing the amount of dust produced. The production of the cement is much more efficient, and wastage is eliminated. Delivery is much more efficient too, meaning that the carbon footprint of the site’s concrete is reduced.

Goodmix Concrete can supply high-quality ready-mix concrete for your construction project.

Whatever the quantities you require, we can help you get your job done. Whether it’s a small-scale DIY project, a new driveway, or a large commercial project, our ready-mix concrete will be on hand precisely when you need it in the quantities that you require. Our ready-mix concrete is a versatile, hard-wearing choice whatever you have planned.

Our concrete is the highest quality and we only ever use aggregates straight from the quarry, and never recycled materials.

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