The Top 5 DIY Projects That Homeowners Need Concrete Delivered For

If you’re a homeowner planning a big DIY project – especially one that’s outdoors – there’s a high chance it’ll involve concrete.

And if you need concrete, you’ll probably be wondering: “What type? How Much? And “Is it the worth the hassle of mixing myself?”

When it comes down to most DIY projects that need concrete, at Goodmix, we think that getting it delivered directly to your home – freshly mixed to the exact spec you need, is the best option.

It’s why we offer ready mix concrete delivery to homes and businesses all across Manchester.

In fact, the top 5 DIY projects involving concrete all benefit from our ready mix or barrow mix concrete delivery.

1. Building a Garden Path

If you’re looking to improve your garden and make it more functional, building a garden path is a common DIY project that adds both practicality and value to your home.

Concrete is a popular material for paths because it’s durable, strong, and needs very little maintenance. It’s easy to map out where you want your path and pour concrete directly into it.

With ready mix concrete delivery, you can ensure that you have the exact amount of concrete you need, delivered right to your doorstep. You won’t need to manual mix anything or lug heavy bags of post concrete round to your back garden.

concrete garden path
Concrete slab for shed foundations

2. Laying a Concrete Foundation for a Shed or Outbuilding

When you’re looking for more outdoors space, you might be considering a new shed, summer house or other type of building. They all need a strong and sturdy foundation, and a concrete slab is a must!

A concrete slab is also a great idea if you’re planning a hot tub too – because they get really heavy filled with water and have a tendency to sink if they’re not properly positioned.

That concrete slab needs a lot of concrete – but fortunately one quick call to Goodmix means you can get everything you need with one smart volumetric mixer truck.


3. Repairing Concrete Surfaces

Over time, concrete surfaces such as driveways, patios, and sidewalks can become cracked and worn. They don’t look great – affecting the aesthetic of your home, and they can even become dangerous, damaging cars, bikes and even yourself if you trip or stumble.

Sometimes all you need is a freshly poured batch of concrete to fill in holes, repair edges or add a smooth new layer over existing surfaces to spruce them up. Barrow mix concrete delivery can be a quick and cost-effective solution to your problem.

concrete driveway repairs in Manchester
Fence posts in Manchester with concrete foundations

4. Installing Fence Posts or Walling

Installing fence posts for new fencing requires a solid base to ensure stability and prevent your garden fence from leaning or collapsing. Or if fences aren’t your thing but you still need a dividing line for your property boundary, you might be considering a new wall. That’s going to need solid concrete foundations too.

Ready mix concrete delivery can provide you with the exact amount of concrete needed to create a solid base for your fence posts and wall footings, without the hassle of manually mixing concrete bags, the risks of running out, or the costs of buying to much. You just use as much as you need, and never pay for any waste.


5. Pouring a new patio or driveway

Finally, if you want to extend your outdoor space and make the exterior of your property more practical, you might be considering a new patio or maybe even a driveway. Pattern imprinted or poured concrete is a great material choice for both projects – extremely long lasting, easy to maintain and looks visually appealing.

All the leading pattern imprinted concrete driveway companies in Manchester trust Goodmix to deliver the fresh concrete they need, so you can too if you want to create your own patio!

DIY patio with concrete poured

Need concrete for your DIY project in Manchester? Call Goodmix

As a homeowner, there are many DIY projects that can benefit from the use of concrete.

With ready mix concrete delivery from Goodmix, you’ll always have the exact amount of concrete you need for your project, without the need for manual mixing and transportation – and without the worry of paying for concrete you don’t need. No waste, no extra costs.

Whether you’re building a garden path, repairing a concrete surface, or installing a large structure, we can provide you with a quick, cost-effective, and hassle-free way to get the very best concrete for the job.

Contact us today to discuss your DIY project and all your concrete needs.

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