What to look for in a concrete company

Whatever the size or type of your project, whether it’s for a commercial build, or renovations at your own home, it pays to take some time choosing your concrete supplier. Not all concrete companies are the same. Some will go the extra mile to ensure you receive the very best service. Concrete represents an important part of most building projects, so getting it right is critical. The result of your construction project relies heavily on the concrete contractor you choose.

Here’s a few things to consider when you’re looking for a concrete company‚Ķ

Do your research

Just because a company has a website and a contact number, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s a reliable concrete supplier. As concrete represents a significant outlay it pays to spend a little time checking out the background of each potential supplier.

Start with an internet search by all means, but don’t leave it there. Use your internet search to compile a list of companies who supply your area and use it as the basis of your research.

Read review sites. What are their previous customers saying about their service? If a company doesn’t feature much, if at all, on review sites, what might that suggest? Don’t just read reviews online, talk to family and friends about their own experiences.

Experience matters

Companies that can draw on years of experience in the industry will always be better able to handle more challenging jobs. They will have encountered all kinds of access issues, quantities and different types of building projects. They will have been able to hone their customer service practices over the years. They’ll be able to offer advice based on this experience about quantities, access issues, the type of concrete you’ll need and any other information that may be pertinent.

Experienced concrete contractors will be able to answer your questions and provide some very helpful guidance. It’s this experience that will reduce the chances of any problems arising.


When it comes to concrete, reliability is key.  You need to be confident that your concrete supplier will deliver the correct quantity and type of concrete, on time and to the agreed budget. Unfortunately, there are concrete companies whose reliability is not all it should be. Make sure you don’t inadvertently use one for your project. You should instead look for a service that has a reputation for providing a high-quality product. Do they show up on time, and can they show a track record of successfully completed projects? Are their previous clients willing to vouch for their reliability?

A good concrete contractor should be willing to let you speak to a satisfied previous customer.

Compare quotes

It should probably go without saying that you should always secure more than a single quote. It makes sense to try and get as many as possible to enable you to make as full a comparison as possible. It rarely pays to make your decision purely on price, however. You might end up with a contractor who cuts corners and uses poorer quality materials.

It can be worthwhile taking a higher quote if you are assured it comes with better materials and a higher quality service. A cheaper contractor can mean you’ll be paying for repairs or remedial work in the future. The quote should contain detailed costings and a reputable contractor will be happy to answer any questions you might have. If they’re unwilling to answer questions or explain their quote that could be a warning sign worth considering.

Visit a worksite

A great way to satisfy yourself about the quality of a concrete contractor’s services is to visit one of their worksites and view their work. If they’re fulfilling a job nearby, particularly if it’s a commercial building project, you may be able to visit and check the quality of your work. It can also be a good way to get ideas and, if there’s time, ask any questions you might have.

Quality materials

Many people who order concrete forget to ask about the quality of the materials used.  This is a mistake as the quality of the product will make a significant difference to the overall success of the job. Do they use high quality aggregates direct from the quarry  or do they routinely use recycled materials?

Skills and specialities

Make sure you choose a concrete company that possess the skills and specialities for your particular project. You should ensure that the company you are considering can undertake all the work themselves without any need for outsourcing. Can they handle projects whatever their size, be they a domestic garage base or a large-scale commercial building project? Can they guarantee they will deliver on time, to an exact specification? Do they have alternative delivery methods if your site has limited access? Is that delivery process simple, clear and reassuring?


Does the concrete company offer a flexible service? Are they able to offer high quality solutions that meet your individual needs? Can they offer made on site instant mix concrete using volumetric mixers? Are they able to offer a barrow-mix alternative if access to the site is severely restricted?

With the differences and complexity in some construction projects, flexibility is all important when it comes to choosing your concrete contractor.

Goodmix Concrete offer an experienced and flexible service

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