Why choose Goodmix in Bury for your project

Whether it’s a domestic, commercial or a large-scale public infrastructure project, concrete is a key component of construction. It’s a versatile, hard wearing and durable material that gives strength and stability whether you’re laying a driveway or building a motorway bridge. Available in a variety of different grades to match different purposes, the concrete industry has evolved over the decades to meet the requirements of very different projects.

Finding the right concrete supplier can make a real difference to the success of your project. At Goodmix Concrete we’re proud of our record in helping people complete their projects with the minimum of fuss. As the North West’s leading supplier of ready-mix and barrow mix concrete we’ve provided high quality concrete on time and in budget for large and small construction projects.

We’ve established a good reputation in the region based on the quality of the product we supply, and the experienced helpful staff we employ.

Here’s some of the reasons our clients choose Goodmix Concrete.


Even the best managed and planned construction projects sometimes encounter difficulties. As projects develop, requirements on site can change. At Goodmix Concrete we tailor our service to the needs of our clients. We try to be as flexible as possible, making sure we can respond to clients and the changing circumstances they may encounter on site.  Construction projects rarely run from 9-5, Monday to Friday and with that in mind, neither do we. Our lines are open 24/7. We work with clients to find the most suitable time to deliver the concrete in line with their evolving requirements. Poor weather conditions can impact upon concrete, whether it’s torrential rain or a heatwave. When that happens, we are happy to reschedule.

We’re also flexible in how we deliver. You can choose from our instant mix concrete on site from our volumetric mixers, or if your site has restricted access, we can also provide 4 wheel mini-mix wagons. The volumetric mixers we use are state-of-the-art and can provide you with the exact quantity of concrete you need. There’s no need to overpay.

Our flexible approach is one of the reasons why we’re so valued by our clients.


It goes without saying that a company’s reputation counts for a lot. The construction industry relies on people delivering a quality product or service. At Goodmix Concrete we’re proud of the reputation we’ve established over the years. We’re trusted by construction professionals in the region as well as domestic clients. Our reputation is built on the quality of the products we supply. A good product is easier to work with and improves the quality of the finished work. With that in mind we only use quarry sourced aggregates in our concrete. We never use cheaper recycled materials.


As well as the quality of the concrete we supply, our hard-won reputation also rests on the customer service we provide. Whether it’s the delivery teams who work with clients on site, or from the team who deal with orders and answer client questions, everything we do is geared towards the customer and their requirements. This is reflected in our online reviews and in the number of clients who come back again and again.

We’ve built up strong relationships with construction specialists in the region, as well as domestic clients who value the depth of our knowledge and commitment to customer service. When you’re dealing with Goodmix Concrete you can be assured that your requirements will always come first.


For many people, when they call us, it’s the first time they’ve ever had to place a concrete order or have managed a domestic construction project. They need advice and guidance about how to proceed, as well as reassurance that what they require for their project is deliverable. That’s why we have recruited, trained and developed a highly skilled and experienced team to answer queries. They understand the different types of concrete, the uses to which they can be applied, problems that can occur and how to overcome them. They’ve helped people reach the right decision for their project and have built up strong relationships with our many returning customers.

It’s in our interest for your project to be successful and we do everything we can to ensure that it is. This experience is valuable and it’s why we invest in our staff. They are our representatives and we expect the highest standards of professionalism from them.

Make Goodmix Concrete in Bury your first choice

A quick web search will reveal that there are a number of companies who offer concrete services in the region. Not all of them are the same, however. Many are relatively new to the industry and some offer a service where everything is about cost. They keep their prices low by opting for cheaper materials in their mixes and offer a no-frills service that isn’t always suited to more complicated jobs. No two construction projects are the same, and that’s why our flexibility and experience is so valued. We have the knowledge and capacity to respond to your changing circumstances. We always provide the highest quality product.

So, if you’re looking for a quality product and a professional flexible service from a highly experienced team you should make Goodmix Concrete in Bury your first choice.

Why not get in touch today to talk about you project and find out how we can help?